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VSCA Ends Policies

Our association exists to ensure Virginia School Counselors practice with the highest level of effectiveness and integrity.

  1. Virginia School Counselors are leaders who share a common and consistent professional identity. They:

  • are committed to working with and advocating for marginalized groups.

  • practice within a data-driven, culturally responsive comprehensive school counseling framework.

  • employ evidence-based frameworks/models.

  • utilize trauma-informed counseling practices. 

  • promote the mental health and wellness of all students. 

  • assist students in the cultivation of college and career readiness.

  • support students in developing the skills necessary to attain academic and postsecondary success.

  • adhere to the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors and actively work to dismantle destructive systemic inequities.

  • advocate in local, state, and national initiatives that impact the school counseling profession.

  • improve their knowledge and efficacy through continuous professional development activities.

2.  Virginia School Counselor Educators are knowledgeable about current standards and best practices. They maintain a high level of professionalism, academic rigor, and experiential learning within their school counseling degree programs. School counselor educators have professional experience in K-12 school settings, remain connected to practice, and provide ongoing support for the school counseling profession.


3. Virginia Key Stakeholders (including but not limited to school administrators, district leaders, policy makers, and community members) understand the current role of the school counselor and support the school counseling profession.

VSCA Official Statement Supporting Transgender Students - August 2021

VSCA Official Statement Regarding Racism and Social Injustice

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