Virginia School Counselor Association recognizes the contribution of school counselors and counselor educators in the field of school counseling research and would like to provide its members with the opportunity to participate in research endeavors. Below you will find links which allow you to participate in current study.


School Counselor Survey


Recruitment Message

 Researchers at Mercy College seek school counselors to participate in an online study to support the development of the School Counselor Transgender Intersex Advocacy Competency Scale (SCTIACS), a tool that may be used to train school counselors who participate in either counselor education or professional development programs. If you are a certified school counselor who is presently employed full-time, we would greatly appreciate your participation.

 When you finish the survey, you have the option to enter a raffle for one of 20 $20 Amazon gift cards. A literature review and a subsequent survey research study have shown that school counselor advocacy activity related to transgender and intersex students varies. The findings of this study, therefore, may support counselor education programs and schools in training students and employees. The survey is anonymous, and takes about 20-25 minutes to complete. If you are interested in participating in this study, please click on the following link.

This research has been approved by the Institutional Review Board for protection of human subjects at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY as of 12/2/17 (IRB# 17-75). Please feel free to forward or post this announcement for others who are eligible to participate. Questions may be directed to




Dear School Counselor:
We are hoping you will participate in a study assessing school counselors’ readiness to utilize outcome data in school counseling. The study is accessible entirely online and includes background questions about your work as a school counselor followed by items exploring your attitudes and skills in utilizing school counseling outcome data. Your participation will help foster our understanding of the readiness of professional school counselors to specifically work with program-related outcome data. The study should take fewer than 10 minutes to complete.
You may proceed directly to the study by clicking on the following link:

This study has been approved by the Idaho State University Human Subjects Committee. Your responses in the study will be anonymous and no personal data will be collected. Participation is completely voluntary and you may withdraw at any time. There is no reward for participating or consequence for not participating. By clicking on the link to enter the study you are indicating that you are 18 years or older and you are willing to participate. If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant you may contact the Idaho State University Institutional Review Board at (208) 282-2179.
For further information regarding this research please contact the primary investigator Dr. Randy Astramovich at (208) 282-3156, email:

Thank you in advance for your participation,


Dr. Randy Astramovich

Department of Counseling

Idaho State University

(208) 282-3156